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We're well aware how much you care for your homes and businesses here in our sun-drenched city. Yet, over time, even the strongest concrete surfaces can start to drop and shift. The result? An uneven look and potentially hazardous tripping spots. That's where our concrete lifting services at Affordable Concrete Tallahassee come to your aid.

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Wonder why concrete sinks? Concrete slabs can drop due to various reasons. Maybe it's Florida's unpredictable weather, with heavy rain periods potentially washing away the soil beneath the concrete. Or it might be due to natural ground settling over time. Sinking concrete isn't only a visual issue, it's also a safety risk that needs attention.

When thinking of solutions for sinking concrete, you generally have two alternatives. One is to get rid of the old concrete and pour a new slab. Still, this choice could be demanding in terms of time, causing disturbances, and adding to your expenses.

The other, and in our opinion, the smarter option is concrete lifting. It's faster, less intrusive, and easier on your budget. The best thing is that it solves the problem permanently.

Here's how it works:

1 - First, we drill small holes into the sinking concrete slab at strategic spots.

2 - Then, we inject a special polyurethane foam through these holes. As the foam expands, it fills up the gaps beneath the concrete and brings the slab back to its initial level.

3 - Once the slab is leveled, we carefully seal the injection holes and clean up the area, leaving you with a safe, smooth, and appealing concrete surface.

Our team at Affordable Concrete Tallahassee has the expertise and experience to tackle concrete lifting jobs of all sizes. Be it your Betton Hills home driveway, your Downtown business parking lot, or the sidewalk in front of your Midtown property, we're here to assist.

We're proud to offer a budget-friendly solution that extends your existing concrete's lifespan, reduces waste, and restores your property's safety and charm. At Affordable Concrete Tallahassee, we know that our work makes a difference to our friends and neighbors here in the city. Our dedication is to offer excellent service on every job we do, no matter its size.

So, if you notice your concrete sinking, getting uneven or settling, don't let the problem escalate. Reach out to Affordable Concrete Tallahassee. We'll lift your concrete—and your worries!

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